The Best Home Organization App EVER!

Imagine you are having a dinner party for friends and family. You have the china, silverware, and centerpieces to set your dining room table. There’s just one more thing that will make it perfect. The tablecloth that your mother made for you. And yes she’s coming to the dinner party. You have looked high and low. You have searched every closet, drawer and bin to no avail.

You begin to stress and maybe even rattle off a few curses. You think your dinner party will be ruined without that damn tablecloth. Now you have become downright angry that you cannot find it. You search the same places two and three times.You become distraught and want to call the whole thing off. Sound familiar?

Now imagine a world where you have found your mother’s tablecloth. You have forgotten where you put it for safe keeping. Yet you found it in less than a minute. Sounds impossible doesn’t it? (Don’t worry this is not an advertisment I’m not selling anything.) This might be the best gift you’ve ever received. I know it was for me!

Well folks I have found the perfect solution for finding everything and anything in your home.
Now I am sure you are saying to yourself; there’s no way to do that. It is possible and you can have it absolutely FREE.

My friends the solution has been with you all along you just didn’t know. It is on your phone, laptop and on your Ipad. It is the EVERSPRUCE app available on iTunes. (Android users do not fret it will be available soon)

The camera on your device is all you need. You organize by “area” such as a closet you snap a picture of the area. I took a snap of the closet door and named it “bedroom closet”. You then choose a “box” and snap a pic of that and name it. I named mine “ottoman”. You then take a pic of every item that is in that “box”. Confused? (See screenshots below)

The most exciting part of this app for me is searching for an item and actually finding it!  You will never again have to open every bin, dig through every basket or drag heavy boxes full of things off of a shelf. You can search by area, box or see all your items in one view. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Well it absolutely was and still is.

There is a free version which I currently use and there is also paid version which I will be purchasing very soon!

This app not only has saved me hours of searching for things, as a bonus I have decluttered, downsized and tossed useless items while using the app. That’s a win win in my book!

Well I guess you are all wondering if I found my mother’s tablecloth. Sadly, I did not find it in time for the dinner party. Thankfully Mom was not too upset. Can you believe I found it a week later as it was in the bottom of my hamper waiting to be laundered. SMH!


 It is in the “area” designated “linen closet” and in the “tan box” on the shelf. And if I forget where I have stored the tablecloth, it will only take 2 clicks to find it!

Please let me know how the app works for you. I have added the link below. And I hope you find it as amazing as I did! Please leave a comment below.

Please note that I have not been paid EVERSPRUCE to write about this app. I just love it so much that I wanted to share it with everyone!

Happy Organizing!

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