The #1 Must Have for your Closet Organization

The #1 must have for closet organization is...

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Simply Hangers.

My closets used to be an actual living, breathing nightmare. It was like a creature that ate and spit out my clothes. I could never find anything I was looking for. Clothes would end up on the floor where they would stay because it became too much of a hassle to look into the deep abyss that was the bottom of my closet.

The hangers were all tangled and mangled making it difficult for me to find anything. I was late for work because I could not find that white blouse I needed to go with my suit, I never wanted to go out with my girlfriends. My excuse was always “I don’t have anything to wear”. We have all felt like that before.

The truth is I couldn’t find anything to wear in the mess that was my closet.

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When I finally found the blouse I was looking for it was so wrinkled that it looked like a piece of paper that had been balled up and tossed out. I then have to pull out the iron and ironing board. So of course I was not going to do that. I didn’t have the time.  It was such a chore to get dressed in the morning for work never mind going out with the girls. Who wants to feel like they have to work before going out for a fun night? I know I didn’t.

One day I was cleaning out my closet and I realized that it was not the size of my closet that was the problem, it was the hangers! I had all sorts of hangers, dry cleaning hangers, wood, metal and plastic. The plastic ones were all stretched out, the thin metal hangers were all twisted and interconnected. The wood ones wouldn’t budge and mad it difficult o remove my clothes from the closet.

Did I mention that my closet does not have a simple rod? My closet is a metal shelf wrapped in some sort of rubberized surface. I have to position the hanger in between the spaces.

Oh how I wished I didn’t have to use hangers but hangers are a must have in any closet right? It dawned on me that the question is not do I need hangers but what type of hangers should I use?

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The one hanger you should never use are the wire hangers from the dry cleaners. Your clothes do not hang nicely and they bend and get misshapen ugh! (I go Mommy Dearest whenever I see those in a closet!) They can also damage your clothing. Mismatched hangers actually limit the room you have in your closet.

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Wood hangers work well, I have found for heavy winter coats and over-sized jackets. I like to use wood hangers in my coat closet for my winter coats and jackets. They hold the weight of the coats so they are not hanging oddly and they do not break or bend like the plastic or metal hangers. They also work well men’s suits as they keep their shape and they won’t bend or break.

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My absolute favorite hangers are the thin velvet hangers. You can purchase them from an online shopping channel or at your favorite discount store. They even have them at your neighborhood dollar store. They come in the shirt, skirt, suit and several variations for scarves or even your leggings. They also come in various colors to match your décor. You can organize by hanger color; blue for blouses, pink for skirts, black for slacks. You get the idea. My clothes hang so nice and they give me so much more room in my closets which means room for more clothes.

What woman doesn’t need room for more clothes?

Whatever hanger you choose; they should all be the same type. When choosing hangers you can choose by type, color or size. They can be made of wood, plastic or metal, whatever makes you happy and suits your needs. (Pun intended) You will be so much more organized when getting ready in the mornings or getting dressed for the night out with the girls.

You will no longer dread looking for that specific blouse or your favorite outfit. Ironing will be less frequent and getting dressed will be so much easier and fun. Using the same type of hanger will save you so much time!

Who would have thought that this one item in your closet will make your life so much easier? I know it has made a big difference in mine. So while you are cleaning out your closets this spring, try using the same type of hanger. It transformed my closet and I know it will yours!

I hope you enjoyed reading and this helps with your closet organization.

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4 thoughts on “The #1 Must Have for your Closet Organization”

  1. Thanks for the tip . I’m also guilty of having different forms of hangers in my closet. I can’t wait to try the velvet hangers🙌


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