5 Jewelry Organizing & Storage Ideas

If you are anything like me, you love jewelry. I have my everyday wear, special pieces handed down to me from my mom and Nana and of course gifts. Some women collect shoes or purses. I, however love to collect jewelry. The problem arises is how to store all the pieces that I love so… Continue reading 5 Jewelry Organizing & Storage Ideas

The Best Home Organization App EVER!

Imagine you are having a dinner party for friends and family. You have the china, silverware, and centerpieces to set your dining room table. There's just one more thing that will make it perfect. The tablecloth that your mother made for you. And yes she's coming to the dinner party. You have looked high and… Continue reading The Best Home Organization App EVER!

The #1 Must Have for your Closet Organization

The #1 must have for closet organization is... Photo by Leticia Ribeiro on Pexels.com Simply Hangers. My closets used to be an actual living, breathing nightmare. It was like a creature that ate and spit out my clothes. I could never find anything I was looking for. Clothes would end up on the floor where… Continue reading The #1 Must Have for your Closet Organization