Tidy Tools

The products shown below are products that I personally love and use for both my home and my clients’ homes. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Read full disclaimer here.

Kitchen TOOLS

Adhesive Paper Towel Holder – Free up counter space by placing this under your cabinet.

KitchenAid Stainless Steel Wrap Compact Dish Rack – This beauty takes up less space on your counter top with the compact design.


Bathroom Towels – Use a single color of wash cloths, hand and bath towels in your bathroom. Easy to replace and bonus – less laundry.

Privacy Window Film – Great for Bathroom windows.

closet TOOLS

Cube Fabric Storage Bins with Handles – The best storage for clothes or linen closets – They come in 7 colors

Cube Fabric Storage Bins with labels – Use for linen closets or children’s play room – they come in lots of colors.

home office TOOLS

Plastic File Folder Bins – Great for storing magazines and file folders.

Desk Tray organizers – Great for your mail station or incoming & outgoing documents.

Wall Pocket File Holder – Move those papers or files from your desk top.


Drawer Organization

Flip & Fold

Mesh Zipper Pouch – Perfect to store games, cables & cords