5 Jewelry Organizing & Storage Ideas

If you are anything like me, you love jewelry. I have my everyday wear, special pieces handed down to me from my mom and Nana and of course gifts. Some women collect shoes or purses. I, however love to collect jewelry. The problem arises is how to store all the pieces that I love so that I can actually wear and enjoy them. I LOVE THEM ALL!

I have so much jewelry that it is everywhere. I have some in jewelry boxes, drawers, my purses and who knows where else. Some are tarnished. Necklaces are tangled. Earrings are missing backs or even worse their mate. clasps are broken.

I tend to wear the same earrings , necklaces and rings everyday even though I have tons of jewelry.

Can you relate?

Fortunately, I have found some solutions to this problem of organizing, storing and accessing jewelry.

I love repurposing and so with a little bit of searching around my home I have created new ways to store and display my jewelry. There is one item I did purchase. I’ll tell you about that a little later on.

First things first!

Declutter the following items:

  • Earrings without a mate ( save the backs)
  • Get rid of broken or tangled necklaces that cannot be fixed
  • If you have items that need to be repaired bring them to your local jewelry store ( if you don’t bring them within 2 weeks time toss them) If you haven’t worn them by then you most likely won’t ever.
  • Donate or toss out pieces of jewelry that you no longer wear or do not love anymore.

Now that you have decluttered your jewelry, What’s Next?

Glad you asked! I have found a few solutions that will answer that question. I have also re-purposed some items to not only store but use as decoration in my walk in closet but I like to call it “my dressing room”. I am happy that I am able to share them with you. Here are my top 5 ways to store jewelry so that they are easily accessible. I have saved my absolute favorite for last.

Use Candles to Organize your Bangles & Bracelets

I used candles, yes candles to hold all my bracelets and bangles. It not only makes a nice decoration on top of my dresser but I always know where the candles are in case of a blackout.

Use tins or baskets to corral your Watches

I used a cute little tin that I had around the house to store my watches. You can use any container you wish including baskets or a glass bowl. Use whatever you like but look for something that you can use from items you already have in your home.

Hang Necklaces Using Adhesive Strip Hooks

Hanging on the wall of the closet

Another of my favorite ways to store jewelry is using adhesive hooks to hang my necklaces. The adhesive hooks come in various sizes so you can hang any necklace you have. It is visually appealing and you can just grab and go. Also they do not get tangled or lose their shape.

Customize a Decorative or Jewelry Box

I found a way to personalize any decorative box you may have whether it be a standard jewelry box with the predesignated slots for rings, charms etc. (I take the velvet inserts out) or an ornate box you bought on vacation or even a box you received as a gift.

The idea is to use what you have not to purchase a new box.

If you have any gift ring boxes then you are in luck. Just choose your desired sizes and position them anyway you would like (use the tops and bottoms) into your traditional jewelry box or any decorative box you may have.

I have used a cigar box to store and organize some of my sentimental pieces of jewelry It’s re-purposed, useful, sentimental and holds memories. The best part is that you can design it anyway you would like.

Over the Door Jewelry Closet

I must mention that this is not repurposed however I saved my pennies and watched the price drop for 2 years on Amazon until it was an affordable price for me. (It was $200 when I added it to my list and I bought it for $75) But as I stated before I love,love jewelry so it doesn’t hold everything I own. But I love it so!!! It’s like shopping at jewelry store every morning while getting ready for work or a special evening out.

If you have a ton of jewelry like I do or even if you don’t you can use any of the ideas that suit your jewelry storage needs. Or even create your own! Organize and store your jewelry in the way that works for you but most important is that you declutter and organize it so that you can wear and enjoy your jewelry!

I hope these tips have helped you or inspired you to create your own storage organization so that you can easily find and wear all your beautiful jewelry!

Please leave a comment below and I would love to know how you organize and store your jewelry.

Thanks for reading!

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